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Smoke/CO Detector Installation


Every home in Byron Township should have working smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors.

  • You should have 1 smoke detector on each level of your home, PLUS there should be 1 in every sleeping area (bedroom).
  • You should have 1 CO detector on each level of your home.
  • If any are more than 10 years old, they should be replaced.

If your home doesn’t meet these requirements, we can provide FREE smoke and CO detectors, and will install them for you.

  • Home must be owner-occupied, rental homes do not qualify.
  • The smoke detectors we have available are the type with a non-replaceable 10 year lithium battery. If the smoke detectors in your home are hardwired, we recommend that you purchase replacements from a local retailer, and contact us if you require assistance with installation.

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911 Reflective Address Signs


911 Reflective Address Signs help emergency responders quickly locate your home.

We have signs available for purchase at $20 each.

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Child Safety Seat Inspection & Installation


We have Certified Child Seat Technicians available to assist you with ensuring that your child is safely secured in your vehicle.

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