Todd Szakacs 2015 ID

Todd Szakacs

Full Time Personnel

     Captain          Captain/Training Officer         Firefighter

  Bryan Looman 2015 ID  Scott Harkes 2015 ID  

Bryan Looman               Scott Harkes                Marty Tilma

  Serving Since 2015       Serving Since 2015       Serving Since 2015

Paid on Call Personnel

Deputy Chief                                  Captain

Mike Driesenga 2015 ID               Randy Vieu 2015 ID

Mike Driesenga                            Randy Vieu

   Serving Since 1999                   Serving Since 2007

      Lieutenant                           Sgt/Safety Officer


   Todd Cook                              Josh Van Dyke

 Serving Since 2015                     Serving Since 2013


Craig Carter 2015 ID

Craig Carter

Serving Since 1980

Firefighter                                  Firefighter

Joel Hondorp 2015 ID              Matt Ewing 2015 ID

Joel Hondorp                               Matt Ewing

Serving Since 2004                     Serving Since 2007

Firefighter                                  Firefighter


Chris Howarth                              Matt Schmitt

Serving Since 2007                     Serving Since 2015

Firefighter                                  Firefighter

               VandTuin ID 2016

      Marty Tilma                          Craig VanderTuin

Serving Since 2015                    Serving Since 2015

Firefighter                                  Firefighter

Vandenberg ID 2016              Kosiara ID 2016

Nick Vandenberg                        Steve Kosiara

 Serving Since 2015                    Serving Since 2016

Firefighter                                  Firefighter

Brandon VanDeWege 2016 ID              grooters_matt_sm

Brandon VanDeWege                    Matt Grooters

 Serving Since 2016                    Serving Since 2016

If you live in our response area and are interested in becoming member of the Byron Township Fire Department, click here to download an application. Once you’ve downloaded the application, print it, fill it out and bring it in to our station.